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Religious Freedom

As long as the Baptist movement has existed, our voices have been raised up in support of religious freedom.  In ca.1611 or 1612, Thomas Helwys wrote "A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity", the first known appeal for religious freedom.  Soon, Helwys’ voice was joined by many other Baptists throughout the seventeenth century until today, including Roger Williams himself. This section reflects recent writings by modern day Baptists, who advocate for religious freedom globally as well as locally.  

Call for Content

With our new website, the RWF shares the wisdom of past and present-day advocates of Baptist Freedoms.

We welcome your contributions for our consideration to share as we keep building up resources and insightful essays on what it means to be a Baptist in the tradition of Roger Williams and spiritual heirs of many other diverse Baptist voices.

Contributions are welcome, however, materials will be posted at the editor’s discretion.

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Rev. Dr. David Wheeler

Dual Citizenship

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Walter B. Shurden

Three Sentences on Baptist Freedom

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Rev. Dr. David Wheeler

Being Baptist on the Fourth of July

Rev. Erica Van Brakle

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